Thankful Thursday

Thank You TurkeyAs much as I like to think that I am conquering this adventure as a solo-act, I know that there are so many hands helping me to the stage.  I want to take a day each week to thank someone for their big or small act of kindness in getting me to Spain.

Thank you lady at the bank who gave me real people advice instead of pushing a product

Dear Lady at the Bank,

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that you didn’t B.S. me when I came looking for guidance. You could have easily told me to get this and that card or such and such checks, but you didn’t. You told me the rates aren’t that good and gave me advice on what to do.

Dollars and Euros

In the end, I didn’t ‘buy’ anything from your bank. I didn’t exchange any currency. I didn’t sign up for a new card. I didn’t even get any travelers checks. You gave me your advice freely as a traveler and got nothing tangible in return. I’m so tired of people telling me what to do based on what’s best for their corporation – so you were a very refreshing change.

I appreciate that you took the time to point me in the right direction and share your travel tips. I will definitely be using the safety pin trick you taught me.

I hope all sorts of good Karma comes your way and that you find yourself on many more adventures.


Traveling Ash

I realize today, May 31, 2013, is a Friday, but I meant to get this out yesterday. So we are going to pretend it's Thursday for the sake of putting good vibes out in the world no matter what day it is.

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