The type of Americans that give us a bad name

Photo credit to Bonaventura Leris

I am on the train to Barcelona and I am sitting with the most embarrassing American students. It’s one of the girl’s 21st birthday…which means they are trying to turn the night train into a party train.

I could excuse the poorly concealed bottles of alcohol, but they are talking so loudly about how much they hate Spanish and how they are hoping to blackout by 2 in the afternoon tomorrow.

It’s so frustrating to see things like this when I work so hard to be a good global citizen.

There are elderly people and babies on this train, and these people are being so inconsiderate.

To all the Americans out there that plan on studying abroad, please remember to keep the obnoxious level to a minimum. Have fun but don’t be a jerk. We want the world to like us.

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