New York Step One: Survive Shuttle Ride

I’m writing this post on my phone from inside a shuttle on my way to Manhattan.

I got in the silent shuttle and the driver fought through the leminscate loops of the airport’s pick-up/drop-off system. The drivers love their horns here and the traffic directors love their whistles. A girl in cute boots was unbelievably enthusiastic with her whistling and arm windmills.

The four other passengers sat quietly until we picked up a British guy whose hacking cough led to conversation.

“I was barking like a seal last week,” he told the irritable Peruvian  girl sitting beside him in the backseat. “I don’t think I’m contagious anymore.”

A friendly group of four piled in at the final terminal stop and one of the guys started asking questions with a wide smile. It turns out his group is from Orange County. We chatted and when I said I was here for Social Media Week the girl next to me chimed in and said she was here for SMW as well. Though her trip from Dubai trumps my short trek from San Diego.

We started to leave and then stopped again, our driver disappearing to speak to another person from Super Shuttle. We watched the haggling through the van windows and it appeared that he had traded the new group of four to another driver.

“They make comission,” said the British guy.

I hope he traded them for something good.

After swapping people and baggage, we were back to fighting the JFK traffic. I should have been concerned but I was really just amused and impressed by the aggressive car dance. Cars squeezed into spaces that seemed impossible and created their own lanes across the suggested lines. No one seemed offended by being honked at.

I’m intrigued.

The man on the radio says it was two degrees in Central Park today, a record low, and that there’s snow in the near future.

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