Dancing to Freedom (13/100)


Section of the Berlin WallThe Berlin Wall was pretty rad. Read about my Berlin experience here.


Mozart’s Final Concert (9/100)

Mozart Final Concert Prague Czech RepublicMy sister and I did a free walking tour in Prague – with a funny, portly guide from Philly – that ended at this building.

He said it is the last place Mozart performed, but I can’t seem to confirm that anywhere. Any Mozart buffs out there who can tell me if this is true?

I adore tour guides with character, but I never know how much I can believe what they say.

Read more about my exploration of Prague, my impression of the Astronomical clock and the people who influenced my trip:

People Make Places: Discovering Prague with Strangers

Also, check out the statue in the bottom right corner, right in front of the building. It is a completely hollow, hooded figure (anyone else thinking Dementor?).

Apparently tourists occasionally take a look inside and get their heads stuck.

Don’t be that tourist.


2/100 Clogs in the Netherlands

Dutch ClogsAfter a too fun night in Amsterdam, I hopped on a bus and went out to the Dutch countryside. We rode bikes around Edam and went to a little farm that makes cheese and clogs.

“When you need a hammer, they’re perfect. They’re safe and comfortable for work. We love them in the garden because you can sit on them. They also make a great flower pot.”

This tall and tan Dutch man knew how to sell his clogs.

See Missing the Bus in Amsterdam for the full story.

Paragliding over Austria

I guess this means I’m not afraid of heights?

Paragliding in Austria


I’m not an all-caps person, so you know this had an impact on me.

We got to Austria about the same time as the fog and drizzle. I got in a van and they shuttled us up the mountain anyway to see if we would be able to fly. That’s when the rain really rolled in. We sat hopefully outside of a ski-lodge cabin and watched the clouds dump water down the hillside, broken only by the occasional burst of lightening. (more…)

I’m just passing through

An Hour in Germany’s First Concentration Camp

Children playing in front of mangled body art

Children playing in front of mangled body art

Our pitstop between Prague and Munich was far more somber than our other stops. We had an hour and a half to roam Dachau, the first concentration camp in Germany. Standing in the crematorium where thousands of bodies were incinerated impressed on me the enormity of the situation. As big and horrible as I cognitively knew it was, I don’t think I could fully wrap my head around the terrors of the holocaust.


People make places: Discovering Prague with strangers

On one of the first days of the trip, everyone on the bus got up to introduce themselves and to say the city they are most excited for. A huge majority of people said they were most looking forward to Prague.
I literally had no idea what was in Prague.