Travel in the USA

Travel is my least favorite part of travel

I always forget how much I hate travel days. Lugging bags, catching fights, hopping on a bus in good faith that it’s going the direction you want it to. Travel days are a special kind of personal hell for us directionally challenged folk.

I can figure out a metro system in just about any city but as soon as I’m walking,  driving or busing there is a 90% chance I’m lost 100% of the time. Couple that with sleep deprivation and getting around Austin has been a challenge so far.

I may or may not have yelled every filthy swear word I know (in surprisingly innovate combinations) at the GPS in my rental car as it directed me to make U-turns on the freeway while I was being introduced to the feeder road system.

On the bright side,  Austin is a very cool city and I’m lucky enough to be staying right in the heart of it. I had heard before that it’s the live music capital of the world, but when you walk down Sixth Street and hear a perfectly unintentional symphony of bands playing in bars up and down and as far as you can see, it really sinks in.