And so begins my newest challenge



The last two months have been a whirlwind of change. I spent one week traveling up the California coast, came home only because I had a job interview, realized that I didn’t fit the agency at all, had an interview for a different company fall into my lap, went to Vegas and, while en route to Sin City, received an email offering me my first post-college job. I’ve been working as Lead Writer for nearly two months now and have been enjoying the 9-5 stability and steady income that comes with it.

The downside to my new life of fully-embraced adulthood is I’ve stopped writing for fun. In order to revamp my blog and jumpstart my creativity, I’ll be posting a new photo from my world travels and sharing a little piece of my story each day for the next 100 days.

Follow along as I recount my life on the road.

Travel in your 20s

Because these are your selfish years

The years where the mixture of low commitments and high expectations create favorable conditions for world-traipsing self discovery. Seeing yourself in a different context is one of the best ways to figure out exactly who you want to be.

So travel.

Even if it is a bus trip to the nearest state or a day trip to the mountains. Micro-travel gives you a cheap way to get away and gain some perspective.

If you’re ready to make some big travel plans…

Check out this  video from Buzz feed about the 10 Trips you NEED to Take in your 20s

Paragliding over Austria

I guess this means I’m not afraid of heights?

Paragliding in Austria


I’m not an all-caps person, so you know this had an impact on me.

We got to Austria about the same time as the fog and drizzle. I got in a van and they shuttled us up the mountain anyway to see if we would be able to fly. That’s when the rain really rolled in. We sat hopefully outside of a ski-lodge cabin and watched the clouds dump water down the hillside, broken only by the occasional burst of lightening. (more…)