backpacking through europe

Sipping wine with new friends in Lisbon (16/100)

WIne in Lisbon, PortugalI made a great friend in Lisbon who showed me around and ordered delicious wine in Portuguese.

She was a Belgian girl who grew up in Madagascar and was in Lisbon interviewing at an event planning school.

I also met a girl from Russia on the bus to Lisbon who was a total pansy and, based on her level of perpetual fear, probably shouldn’t have been traveling alone. Even though she was much older, I had to take her under my wing and get her to her hotel and take her around with my new pal.

Win some lose some.

The Belgian girl told me a story about how she made an American friend when she was a teenager, went to visit her in New Jersey and was told upon arrival by the American girl’s parents that their daughter had recently run away.

I told her I would be a better US host.

Grungy hostel, Great View (15/100)

San Sebastian, SpainI left Barcelona the day my good Catalan friend got on a plane to visit her  boyfriend in New Zealand (these are the kinds of sentences you get to write when you and your friends are travelers -it’s pretty great).

Her family dropped me off at the bus station and I was on my way north. Except I missed my bus because I was trying to meet up with a cute Columbian boy who I ate tapas with for eight hours in Granada. Yeah… We didn’t meet up or fall in love, or anything interesting like that, I had to wait a few hours for another bus AND (more…)