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Missing the bus in Amsterdam

“When you need a hammer, they’re perfect. They’re safe and comfortable for work. We love them in the garden because you can sit on them. They also make a great flower pot.”

This tall and tan Dutch man knew how to sell his clogs.

The small town of Edam, just outside of Amsterdam, is a picturesque village on a canal. Having a dairy with clogs and cheese served by blonde girls in traditional Dutch garb really completes the image.

20130803_095931Our group cruised the town on rented bicycles and posed in front of a windmill before going for a cheese tasting/clog making demonstration. It’s surprising how many of us made it to the early-morning tour after the previous night’s activities.

“The drugs and the pimps are strong,” warned our tour manager before the group went out.

And we’ll leave it at that.