A Curious Granada Door Knob (7/100)

Unique doorknobSometime early on in Spain I realized how unique the doors were. They come in a brilliant assortment of sizes, colors, shapes and knobs. I told my good friend, who studied with me in Madrid, that I wanted to take photos of all the cool doors and create some kind of project that reflected my time in Spain through its doors.

She loved the idea and started snapping pictures for me – so much so that her Spanish novio said she had to stop showing him all her door shots.

I didn’t take nearly as many but I couldn’t help stopping to get this one in Granada.

I love how gingerly the hand is draped over the knob and I’m so curious how you open the door. One of the many finds that made Granada one of my favorite cities in Europe (even though The Worst Five Euros I’ve Ever Spent were in Granada).

Getting screwed in a Granada Taxi

The worst 5 Euros I’ve ever spent

Street in Granada

Exit the bus from Sevilla, enter a Granada city bus. I know I’m supposed to get off at the Cathedral so I peer out the windows and hop off at a big stone structure.

Oops, turns out that was a high school. Rookie American mistake.

Carrying my backpack, orange messenger bag and purse, I walk up and down Gran Vía de Colón alternating my gaze from the screenshot directions on my phone to the street signs in Spanish – Calle Cárcel Baja is nowhere to be found.

I interrupt a man eating alone outside a Telepizza and use what Spanish I have to ask for directions. He points and explains. I watch his hands but (more…)