San Diego

Secret Chickens

I always pause while driving up the street from my parents’ yellow, end-of-the-cul-de-sac house. My headlights fill the gap left by the sunken sun and illuminate my half of the mountain. Looking beyond this stretch of high beams, you can see the few hundred luminous spots that dot the valley below.

There are exactly three stoplights in Alpine. The rest of the dots are signatures of a few shops, one grocery store and thousands of homes housing families of well-off manual labor fathers with their stay home wives. Alpine is small but half the houses are big and spare garages are full of speedboats, RVs and dirt bikes. Not everyone has a stash of toys for weekends at the desert or river, though. There is one part of the main street where the apartment kids live in cubicles and just a stretch of freeway away is the Viejas Indian reservation. Its high rate of diabetes and suicide is tucked behind the brightness of the outlet mall and casino but locals know where to find it.  (more…)

Around the World on New Year’s Eve

Ashley Williams on Storify

This year I skipped the pub crawl and spent time with one of my best friends and my mom.

We went around San Diego and did as many New Year’s traditions from the world as we could fit in.

18 countries and a ton of new customs later, we had pretty dang good New Year’s eve.

2013 took me around the world from the desert music festival of Coachella, to Vegas and all over Europe.

I can only hope 2014 will be another globe traipsing.