Travel planning

Your plan isn’t going to work – Stay calm (19/100)

Sometimes you screw up, don’t leave enough time to get a long-term visa, sign up as the last person on the last day for a short program, and end up meeting some of the best people.Segovia, Spain
I was devastated when I botched my plans to take time off University and┬áspend 9 months living in Barcelona, but now I can’t imagine it any other way.

Spending just the summer in Spain allowed me to do less school and more travel, graduate college a semester early and end up with a killer job. Not to mention meet a few of my favorite people.

Don’t be discouraged if your original travel plans end up nothing like your actual experience. If you have a good attitude and stay flexible, you’re sure to have a good time.

Preparing for a Spanish Summer

My bedroom is littered with an array of luggage, travel books and the notes from my Spanish classes that I’ve been frantically studying. Sprite, my elderly black lab, is nestled between the six suitcases I’m trying to decide on but I don’t think he has realized that I’m leaving.

Preparing to study abroad